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Behind our brand

Three concepts are embedded in the company’s name: 'EBD', followed by 'global', and then the Latin word 'optimum'.


The acronym, " E. B .D " stands for: 

ecosystems  &  bio-diversity



EBD refers not only to the ‘diversity of life’ (or biodiversity), but also to ‘ecosystem services’ that sustain life on our planet and, consequently, human well-being.  

This also includes ecosystem services that are linked to the carbon and water cycles. 

Hence, we also deal with ‘climate change’ issues, both mitigation and adaptation – especially when addressed from an ‘EBD perspective’.  

The word 'global' denotes to the scope of our work and it followed by the Latin word 'optimum', referring not just to the quality of our work, but also to the emphasis on optimization.

The concept 'global optimum' refers to the highest value in a mathematical function that seeks optimization

Optimization is a modeling technique that can be used in many different fields: management, economics, social sciences, biology, engineering, logistics, etc. 

Climate, EBD and Sustainable Development

are the core themes in our solutions and projects

"EBDGLO" is the company’s short name.


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