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UNDP-GEF Project for Brazil on Phytotherapic Value Chains

Through the contribution of 'phythorapic products' derived from native Brazilian plants, the project "Cadeias produtivas" explores the interface between public health, on the one hand, and the sustainable use of biodiversity on the other, all in compliance with new legislation from 2015 on Acccess Benefit Sharing (ABS).


According to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), ABS refers to "... the way in which genetic resources may be accessed, and how the benefits that result from their use are shared between the people or countries using the resources (users) and the people or countries that provide them (providers)." (Factsheets in the ABS series, CBD 2011)


Two entry points are on focus:


ABS is one of them. This is important, as Brazil is gearing up to ratify and implement the Nagoya Protocol on ABS. The project will e.g. foster ABS-compliant partnerships involving indigenous or local communities, science and industry. 


The second entry point is the mainstreaming of biodiversity into productive landscapes, where biodiversity values will be sought incorporated into the dynamics of local productive arrangements called "APLs". 


In October 2016 The project was included in a the GEF Work Program... 

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