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FAO-GEF Land Degradation Project for the southwestern Angola

The extent of land degradation across the Angolan territory and its impacts on the agricultural economy – including its growth potential – are not yet fully assessed.


However, the observed trends are highly negative.

This project will contribute towards reversing negative trends of land degradation in Angola through activities in three main fronts

  • It will build national capacity for analyzing the country’s agricultural potential through Agro-Ecological Zoning (AEZ), delivering a science based, home-grown and interactive system, including with open-access interfaces.

  • The project will deliver Sustainable Land Management (SLM) on the ground and thereby decrease pressure on natural resources, putting land in targeted landscapes into a path of restoration / rehabilitation. This will be achieved through land-use planning and enforcement, combined with participatory stakeholder consultation and capacity building

  • Strategic economics studies will facilitate the identification of most suitable options for SLM finance. Both mainstream and innovative finance may come into play, as the project will attempt to develop relevant partnerships and ensure the ‘trickle-down’ of resources for land restoration for benefiting local communities and vulnerable groups, complementing thereby efforts towards land degradation neutrality (LDN).

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