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FAO-GEF Mainstreaming Project for the Pacific Region in Colombia

The project is designed to mainstream the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services in vulnerable landscapes of the Colombia’s Pacific Region in view of generating global and local environmental benefits and supporting the peace process.


More than 50 % of the continental Pacific Region is covered by forests, mostly tropical rain forests and high precipitation tropical rain forests. Coastal areas also harbor large expanses of mangrove forests. Both types of forest ecosystems in the region are rich in biodiversity and render essential ecosystem services, including carbon sequestration and retention.

The Pacific Region faces accelerating anthropogenic pressures, due to the peace process, which on one side promises to halt illegal extractive practices but, on the other, the core plan, embedded in the Somos Pazcífico Strategy, is to bring infrastructure and improve access to an otherwise well-preserved region of the country.

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