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Highlights from legacy UNDP-GEF

The good that we do is the legacy that we leave to the world. 

The CEO proudly shares some of the results from her previous work that are worth highlighting:

Size matters

  • By leveraging funding, helped establish one of the world's largest protected areas in Niger in 2012, effectively creating a range of more than 9 million hectares for threatened antelopes and other rare species. See it in the news...


  • Developed a pioneer biodiversity 'mainstreaming' project in Mauritania with focus on the interface between the offshore oil & gas industry and the protection of the country's coastal and marine habitats. The initiative gave rise to an on-going multi-partner program called BPG.




  • Formed a team to work on a new generation of 'policy enabling projects' on biodiversity, which is helping countries integrate the CBD's Aichi Biodiversity Targets into national development frameworks. The initiative now receives support from the innovative community of practice NBSAP Forum



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