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Meet Fabiana Issler, the CEO of EBD Global Optimum
  • Social scientist, with a Master's degree from Roskilde University in International Development Studies and Environmental Planning.

  • Fluent in 5 languages: Portuguese, English, Danish, French and Spanish.

  • More than 18years of work experience in sustainable development issues.

  • Worked 10 years for UNDP in Africa as Senior Technical Advisor with great success in mobilizing resources from the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

  • Extensive consulting experience from around the world.

  • Co-lead the team behind the NBSAP Forum.


An 'out-of-the-box' thinker with passion for solving the world's development problems.

Testimonial from Dr. Adriana Dinu, Executive Director of UNDP's Global Environment Finance Unit, UNDP-GEF, acknowledging the past contribution of the CEO, Fabiana Issler, to the Unit (via email on 01 December 2015):

"She has given full ten years of her life to the Ecosystems and Biodiversity Team in a regional and global capacity and I would like to Thank her Fabiana for the outstanding contributions she made and for being such a wonderful colleague!

Ten years in which she consolidated our technical leadership in the field, demonstrated new and innovative approaches in ecosystems management, elevated the NBSAPs and their development impacts and contributed significantly to our global systems and agenda in ecosystems and biodiversity".

via email on December 2015.

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