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Corporate Values

To deliver sustainable development solutions that contribute to the optimal management of local resources, while also facing global challenges. 
To be recognized as a trustworthy, effective and client-responsive company that creates a positive impact in the management of the global challenges.

Our most important asset, which implies responsibility, respect and solidarity — see who we are...

Client satisfaction orientation
Because serving the client is our mantra, which implies active engagement, effectiveness and timeliness.

Data, Information and Knowledge
As they are key for development impact, noting that our focus on how to use data, information and knowledge as 'tools of change' — the best examples are our projects... 

Because we "think outside the box", which implies effort, brain and a quality differential in everything we do 
— see our solutions...

Global Perspective
Our scope and reach, meaning that we speak languages, we know the world and we keep abreast with what matters 
— see why 'EBD Global'...

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