We help clients mobilize resouces from global
environmental finance mechanisms and achieve
sustainable development goals.


With a global outreach and seven years in the market, EBD Global Optimum is a consulting company that 'thinks outside the box' and delivers results and solutions to international agencies, governments and private sector entities.

With science-based tools, global experience and mastery of languages, our team provides solutions that optimize the pursuit of a suite of relevant objectives within sustainable development themes.

EBD means “Ecosystems and Biodiversity” and “Global Optimum” means pursuing what is best for most.

With those ideas at the heart of our work, we embrace important global challenges, including climate. We are a female-led Brazil-based company with a unique perspective on global issues and the will to solve problems in smart ways

We embrace ethical principles and Sustainable Development Goals.

We are certified by the Ethos Institute from São Paulo for having embraced the national pact on corporate integrity and against corruption.

People, their needs, rights and well-being, as well as the need to take into consideration the pursuit of sustainable development goals, are part and parcel of any optimal EBD solutions.