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We are specialized in projects funded by environmental funds, such as the Global Environment Facility (the GEF) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Biodiversity, sustainable land management, water resource management, climate change adaptation and mitigation are some of the broad topics that we cover within our projects. See Solutions.

Our products include project and program design, risk and feasibility analyses, baseline assessments, tailored stakeholder consultations, gender gap analysis and gender action plans, development of policies and strategies development, and much more.

We have a long and robust track record of approved projects.




mobilized in



Through client projects we helped develop and are now approved by global
environmental funds

Meet the team

Fabiana Issler

CEO of EBD Global Optimum

Social scientist, Danish-Brazilian, with a Master's degree in International Development Studies and Environmental Planning from the from Roskilde University, Denmark

Alicja Biesmer

Project Manager at EBD Global Optimum

Geographer with wide international experience and specialization in hydrology. GIS specialist

Ana Gangemi

Admin Officer at EBD Global Optimum

Manages accounting, contracts and finance supporting the the company’s operations

Silvia Ziller

Associate Consultant

Graduated in Forest Engineering, with a master's degree in forest succession and a doctorate in biological invasions at Federal University of Paraná, Brazil (UFPR)

Marcos Cavalcanti de Albuquerque

Associate Consultant

Specialist in smart waste management and community-based recycling Environmental consultant

David Sumares

Environmental policy specialist

Covering a wide range of fields including EU environmental policy, environmental governance and public participation

Birgit Embaló

Associate Consultant

Associate Consultant of EBD Global Optimum, Gender specialist from Germany and Guinea-Bissau

Professional References

Countries in which EBDGLO developed projects since 2016

Additional countries in which the CEO had programming experience prior to 2016

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